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Here at Threading Systems our team of skilled and experienced engineers take the machine apart completely, inspect every component, repair or replace any worn and broken parts. Once all parts have been fully inspected and repaired, we reassemble the machine using original manufactures design patterns.

Design & Re-engineering

Our team of experienced designers and highly skilled engineers take older machines apart and rebuild them to their original manufacturing standards, making upgrades for efficiency and new standards. By computerizing and retrofitting mechanical components, we can transform manual machines into a fully automated machine.

Rebuilt CNC Retrofitted Landis Double Head

thread cutting machine twin head Model A (1940s):

When a company says they’re “refurbishing” a machine, this generally means they will clean it up, fix any parts they can visibly see are broken, and give it a coat of paint. They do not take it apart and inspect all components inside, which is a key difference between rebuilding and refurbishing. The rebuilt machine is back to it’s original standards; the refurbished machine is functional, but not back to its original manufacture’s designed state.

Rebuilt Bedford Double Head thread cutting machine: