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TS56R; Complete operation, Chamfer, turn and thread

roll from small parts such as track rod ends to 18#

jumbo re-bar.

1. Easy, Practical Solutions Speeds and feeds are digitally controlled to assure tighter tolerances and exact repeatability. A thread rolling head allows maximum threading speed. The thread rolling process provides superior thread finish, and stronger, higher quality threads. Modular fix turning allows for processing a variety of part configurations from straight rebar to complex forgings. 2. High Efficiency Air-operated chuck uses quick change jaws for reduced handling and change-overtime. Tools designed for easy and fast change-over. 3. State-of-the-Art Technology User-friendly control prompts operator through complete set-up procedure. Computerized memory storage for parts eliminates costly programming time. Self-diagnostic monitor threading operation to minimize machine workload prevent "wrecks" 4. Safety and Flexibility All operating parts are enclosed in protective steel cabinets for safe, quiet operation. Machine areas are easily accessible for maintenance and clean up. Optional automatic feeding equipment available
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TS56R Machine

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